The conveyor system requires regular, planned maintenance and servicing to continue delivering the efficiency, throughput and safety you expect from your backroom operations. Whether you’re handling and transporting food and beverages or parcels and loose materials, a smooth-running, user-friendly conveyor system is integral to your outfit.

Unfortunately, conveyor systems are just as vulnerable to breakdown as any other mechanical device. That’s where our conveyor repair services come in.

As a leading supplier of conveyor system repair, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure you can minimise downtime and disruption, and ultimately keep things moving.


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24 hour breakdown repairs

‘Conveyor repair near me’ is one of the most searched queries for warehouses, distribution centres and other facilities using conveyor systems as part of their operations. Luckily, you don’t have to search too far to discover a conveyor system repair specialist who can assist you.

Our call centre is open around the clock, meaning you can reach the specialist conveyor repairs you need when failure or breakdown does occur. Our nationwide network consists of more than 100 fully accredited, fully qualified, highly skilled engineers, each of which is ready to attend your facility and assist with conveyor system repair.

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conveyor machine breakdowns, how can we help?

We’ve been in the business of conveyor system repair for a number of years, and deliver the expertise and experience organisations searching for ‘conveyor repair near me’ need to resolve issues and find solutions.

Here at Joloda Conveyor Services, we understand that conveyor machine breakdowns don’t just happen during office hours. Our conveyor repairs team is able to assist you whenever conveyor machine breakdowns disrupt your operations, with specialist conveyor system repair that’s second to none.

Our conveyor repairs service unlocks a long list of advantages for organisations looking for conveyor system repair, day or night.

Fast response time

When running a warehouse, distribution centre or facility, we understand that time is money. Our conveyor repairs team delivers fast response times, with breakdown repair service level agreements accessible with 2-hour, 4-hour and next-day response guarantees.

Maintenance service contracts

We don’t just provide hassle-free, professional support when disaster strikes. Our conveyor services extend to maintenance service contracts. The service contracts we provide to our clients deliver the regular, planned maintenance needed to take care of their conveyor systems, maximise output and minimise downtime.

Emergency break down visits

Emergency conveyor repairs and visits are also available around the clock for those who do not have breakdown repair service level agreements. Our customer care team is waiting to take your call, whatever time or day your system needs attention.

From our Liverpool-based headquarters, we’re able to dispatch a skilled, qualified and knowledgeable engineer to assist you quickly and efficiently regardless of the location, size or niche of your organisation, or the nature of the breakdown.

Competitive repairs pricing

With an honest and transparent service that suits your unique requirements, whether you need assistance with conveyor repairs, servicing, maintenance or refurbishment, competitive pricing is all a part of the package. This includes competitively priced spare parts and repairs that work for your business, remedy specific issues, and align with your budget.

Expert mechanical engineers

Our conveyor system repair offering wouldn’t be possible without the talented, skilled mechanical and electrical engineers that are the beating heart of our team and our conveyor repairs services.

Our expert engineers are here to help you on an emergency basis or as part of your service level agreement. Their expertise is the key to a happy, safe and productive workplace, with the conveyor repairs, servicing, maintenance and refurbishment they provide protecting your workers, safeguarding your machinery, and preventing the belt damage and wear that can hold your business back.

We’ve got the spare parts 

Our engineers are fully equipped to remedy a wide range of conveyor system issues. Our team has access to the spare parts and conveyor components you need to get your conveyor system moving again, even after conveyor belt damage, breakdown and other failures.

Whether major or minor, damage and failures can result in lengthy downtime and expensive repairs. With our diverse selection of spare parts - including rollers, frames, scrapers, belt trackers, impact cushions and field system bays - we can deliver cost-effective, efficient conveyor repairs across all conveyor belt types serving any industry.

Here at Joloda Conveyor Services, we proudly have a first-time fix rate of more than 99% across the 350-plus contracted sites we currently service, and it’s the best in the industry!

over the phone support

Our speedy and comprehensive site visits are renowned across our client base and throughout the wider conveyor system repair sector. Our clients have access to a network of engineers as well as over-the-phone support that’s accessible 24/7. Our industry-leading conveyor repairs specialists really are just a phone call away.

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why choose Joloda Conveyor Services for conveyor repairs?

As we regularly share with our new, existing and potential clients, the proof of our excellent service is our performance. That’s why we provide a free conveyor assessment to ensure our conveyor system repair, servicing, maintenance and refurbishment services always get off on the right foot.

We take pride in getting to know your conveyor systems inside and out, as well as understanding your wider operational needs, so when disaster does strike in the form of conveyor failures and breakdowns, we’re fully prepared. Our conveyor repairs service ensures your business can keep productivity levels high, downtime low, and guarantee the capacity and quality that your customers expect and deserve.

For warehouses, distribution centres and other facilities looking for conveyor repair near me, we’re the first choice in conveyor system repair. Our complete solution can help prevent future issues with pre-planned conveyor maintenance and servicing, and provide support whenever it’s needed with the highest standard of conveyor repairs.

To find out more about our conveyor repairs service or to book your free conveyor assessment, please get in touch with us today.

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