The business is thriving. Every day, dozens of lorries arrive at the warehouse with thousands of boxes, goods, and products that need to be dispatched to customers or forwarded to other locations in record time. To add to the challenge, these items have different dimensions and weights, and selecting them manually would be humanly impossible. That’s why companies from various sectors rely on sorter systems to maintain their business efficiency.

Sorter systems are automated machines designed to categorise, organise, and direct items based on specific criteria. These devices are widely used in various industries to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce manual labour.


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types of sorter systems

Sorter systems can be categorised into several types based on their mechanisms and applications, such as different types of sortation. Joloda Conveyor Services provides an array of solutions to streamline your operation, including:

Crossbelt Sorter 1 Crossbelt Sorter 1

1. Crossbelt Sorter

Utilises small, individual belts mounted perpendicularly on a larger conveyor belt. These small belts can move items to either side of the main conveyor. They are ideal for high-speed sortation of parcels, packages, and mail in logistics and e-commerce.

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Shoe Sorter 3 Shoe Sorter 3

2. Shoe Sorter

It features sliding shoes attached to the conveyor that gently push items off to the side at predetermined points. The machine is used for sorting goods that are flat or have a stable bottom surface, particularly in warehousing and distribution centres.

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Split Tray Sorter 3 Split Tray Sorter 3

3. Split Tray Sorter

It contains trays that split open at the correct sorting destination, allowing goods to drop into designated bins or chutes below. This technology is commonly used for light and small items such as letters, packets, and small parcels.

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Slide Tray Sorter 2 Slide Tray Sorter 2

4. Slide Tray Sorter

Similar to split tray sorters, but the trays slide instead of splitting to deposit items into bins. This makes it ideal for sorting fragile products, especially in e-commerce and retail distribution.

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Roll On Sorter 1 Roll On Sorter 1

5. Roll-on Sorter

Utilises a series of rollers on a conveyor belt sorting system to move items. The rollers can change direction to sort goods. Roll-on sorters are typically used for heavier and larger goods that need careful handling.

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Switch Divert Sorter 2 Switch Divert Sorter 2

6. Switch/Divert Sorter

This modular sorting system uses pivoting wheel technology to enable 90° diversion of items. Everything is handled by a programmable logic controller (PLC). It is suitable for use in a variety of industries, handling different types of goods, from parcels to oversized packages, and can divert products 90°.

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Narrow Belt Sorter 1 Narrow Belt Sorter 1

7. Narrow Belter Sorter

This device employs high-friction diverting wheels that elevate between the belts to precisely reroute products at an angle ranging from 30 to 90 degrees down the divert lane. The narrow belt sorter is frequently used in high-density sorting operations such as in e-commerce fulfilment centres.

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LR Sorter 1 LR Sorter 1

8. LR Sorter

The LR Sorter has a flexible and scalable L-shape design that supports both unidirectional and bidirectional sorting, with tilt tray sorters. It is perfect for complex tasks in manufacturing and high-tech industries where precision is crucial.

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what to consider to get the best solution

Several criteria must be analysed to decide which system offers the best cost-benefit ratio for your needs.

Evaluate your volume requirements

Firstly, evaluate the volume and speed requirements. Determine the number of items that need to be sorted per hour and ensure the system can handle your highest volumes efficiently, especially during peak times.

Crossbelt Sorter 3 Crossbelt Sorter 3

Assess Cargo Type

The type of items you handle is also crucial. Make sure the sorter can accommodate the range of sizes and weights, and if you deal with fragile products, opt for a system that handles them with care to prevent damage.

Evaluate Space

Assess the available space and choose a sorter that fits within those limits. Additionally, consider whether the system can be expanded or modified as your business grows. Furthermore, look for equipment with low error rates to minimise mistakes and consider those with advanced detection systems, like barcode scanners or RFID, for accurate sorting.

Split Tray Sorter 1 (1) Split Tray Sorter 1 (1)

Consider Integration

To avoid wasting money, ensure the sorter seamlessly integrates with your current warehouse management system or other operational software. Decide on the level of automation you need and ensure the sorter can work harmoniously with other automated systems.

Assess Durability

Choose a durable system with a proven track record to avoid frequent breakdowns, and consider the ease of maintenance, along with the availability of spare parts and support services. Moreover, factor in the initial investment, including installation expenses, and think about ongoing operational costs such as energy consumption, maintenance, and potential downtime.

Narrow Belt Sorter 4 Narrow Belt Sorter 4

Consider Supplier Reputation

Lastly, consider the reputation and support of the supplier. Choose a partner with a strong track record and experience in providing sorting conveyor systems. Ensure they offer robust customer support, including training, technical assistance, and after-sales service.

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benefits and expectations after installing sorter systems

Automated sorter systems significantly increase the speed of processing items, handling large volumes quickly and accurately. This leads to faster turnaround times and improved workflow efficiency, resulting in greater order fulfilment levels. Additionally, they minimise errors during sorting and reduce the need for manual labour, allowing your staff to focus on more complex tasks.

Other benefits include better utilisation of available warehouse space, increased operational safety, scalability and flexibility, as well as advanced data and analytics capabilities.

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