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Joloda Conveyor Services is one of the leading conveyor maintenance companies. A pre-planned conveyor maintenance scheme is a great solution to ensure your investment is working as hard as it needs to be for as much of the time as possible. By staying on top of small problems, component cleaning, lubrication and other regular conveyor maintenance, your equipment will last longer and perform better.

With a Joloda Conveyor Services fully comprehensive warehouse conveyor maintenance package, you’re investing in not just the ongoing performance of your equipment but in the reassurance that you’re being proactive in minimising any potential disruption that could paralyse your operation.


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pre planned conveyor maintenance process


We will thoroughly assess and understand your warehouse network, the number of conveyors to be maintained and their locations. It's imperative for us to recognise your unique circumstances so we can recommend a tailored approach.


Working with you to understand throughput - the traffic volume along the conveyor and its usage - we will suggest the optimum conveyor maintenance schedule. We will plan the number of site visits across the year to keep you running.


Having outlined our tailored plan to keep your conveyors running at maximum performance all year, it's time to set the plan in motion. Our engineers will implement the agreed plan and complete the scheduled conveyor maintenance work.


Maintaining your conveyor systems is a continuous process, and we're proud to build long-term partnerships. We will constantly assess your requirements, ensuring we're always there to keep your systems running as best they can.

conveyor belting maintenance services 

Conveyor maintenance matters; with this in mind, our professional services include conveyor belt maintenance for every business, particularly warehouses and distribution centres, regardless of their size or niche.

With a team of experienced, highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers at the helm, our conveyor maintenance services can be accessed throughout the UK to guarantee the highest level of efficiency. As one of the leading conveyor belt maintenance companies, our specialists understand that productivity, throughput and safety are essential to your warehouse or distribution centre, and use this to deliver conveyor maintenance services that provide minimal downtime and disruption throughout your organisation.

Our conveyor maintenance services include but are not limited to planned service visits, call-outs, on-site staff training, chain change-outs, condition surveys and refurbishments, and conveyor system extensions and modifications, meaning your conveyor system can provide the best possible results for your company, its workers and your customers. We can provide maintenance for an entire system, from the conveyor gearbox to the belt, rollers and other critical conveyor parts.

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regular and reliable

We’ll start with an initial assessment of your systems during which essential and potential works will be identified. These will be logged and discussed with you prior to any works beginning as a proposed schedule of works. 

There’ll be a set window for the maintenance works to be completed at a time that works best for your operation. If you decide to progress with any additional works identified as part of the assessment, we’ll work with you to schedule these in outside of the regular warehouse conveyor maintenance window.

We’re always there when you need us. Contact us to learn more about how our conveyor maintenance company can support you.

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keeping you operational for longer

We know how important this kind of equipment is and how disruptive it can be when things go wrong. Always there, means our conveyor experts are there to minimise any downtime, providing a nationwide 2hr, 4hr and next day reactive support service as well as residential support cover provided on site.

We are one of the leading conveyor repair companies. While we can’t guarantee that proactive and planned conveyor maintenance will totally eradicate the need for occasional emergency fixes, but it certainly goes a long way to ensuring you have equipment that you can rely on to do what it needs to, when it needs to.

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support during peak periods

There are times when industries have busier periods that push their operations to the limit. There are two critical factors to consider when guiding your business through the peak season: performance and downtime. Your operations must run smoothly and quickly to ensure your company copes with the rise in demand, maintains a high-quality level of service, and keeps clients and their customers happy. The last thing you want is for your conveyor system to unexpectedly break during a busy period, causing disruption and delays.

We can support you during peak periods in several ways. Our conveyor maintenance service is a critical feature that will boost your performance while preventing significant issues that could cause a system to break down. If a system malfunctions, we are on hand to repair it ASAP. We increase our on-call engineers during peak periods to help clients remain operational. Our experts can also offer tailored advice on improving efficiency during busy months for maximum output.


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put us to the test

The proof is in our performance. We’d love to come and see you and run a quick assessment on your conveyor system or boom to understand its condition. Kind of like an MOT for your conveyor equipment. We’ll flag any areas of concern and the works needed to prevent future problems, and let you know if there’s anything more immediate that you need to address. 

If you would like to set up a free assessment, or find out more, get in touch today.

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conveyor servicing & inspection

Our conveyor services don’t end there. Our conveyor servicing and inspection provisions are already relied on by countless brands, including TK Maxx, Tuffnells, DPD, the NHS, Dreams, Yodel, Amazon, Lidl, Bensons for Beds, FedEx and DHL.

Providing unrivalled coverage and even better support around the clock, our conveyor servicing experts have the experience, attention to detail and skills needed to ensure your equipment performs as efficiently and safely as possible.

Our conveyor servicing packages include residential sites and site visited options, predictive maintenance, original equipment manufacturers inspections and servicing, preventative maintenance programmes, reliability-centred maintenance, reactive maintenance, and emergency fixes.

When it comes to the servicing of your conveyors, our team can supply the planned and emergency support you require to ensure longevity across a wide range of conveyor system types. As well as extending the service life of your conveyors, regular, planned maintenance delivers equipment that is in the best possible condition, maximum availability, and reduced risk of failure and/or breakdown.

With more than 100 qualified mechanical and electrical engineers in our ranks, nationwide coverage and a call centre that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our conveyor servicing packages provide the quick response and support you’ve been searching for.

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