Imagine a world without telescopic conveyors, where the loading and unloading of goods rely entirely on manual labour. Workers would have to face the arduous task of carrying heavy loads across considerable distances, often under time constraints and through physically challenging environments.


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the outcomes of not implementing a telescopic conveyor solution include:

Product handling:

Transferring products would take longer, resulting in higher costs for manufacturers, logistics and retail companies.



These costs would be passed on to consumers, increasing living costs and decreasing companies' sales and profits.



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Health & Safety: 

Work accidents would increase exponentially as more people would be involved in manual labour.


Seasonal peaks:

Businesses' ability to adapt to market changes or periods of high seasonal sales, such as Christmas, would be severely affected.


Labour saving:

It would be tough to scale the business due to increased labour requirements and low morale among the workforce.


Product damage:

The manual handling of goods would likely lead to more significant product damage and inconsistencies in order management and inventory control.

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The lack of telescopic conveyor systems would profoundly impact industries where the rapid and safe movement of goods is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. Consequently, companies would find it challenging to optimise their supply chains and improve their overall logistical efficiency.

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where telescopic conveyors can prove useful

Here are some key areas where telescopic conveyors can be particularly beneficial.

1.     Warehousing and Distribution:

In large distribution centres, these pieces of equipment facilitate the movement of products between the storage area and trucks or containers.

Joloda Conveyor Services Announces UK Partnership With Lodamaster 03 Joloda Conveyor Services Announces UK Partnership With Lodamaster 03

2.     E-commerce Fulfilment:

The e-commerce sector, known for its high volume and rapid turnover of goods, benefits greatly from the speed and efficiency of telescopic conveyors. They help quickly sort, process, and dispatch a large number of orders with varying sizes and weights.

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3.     Manufacturing:

In manufacturing plants, these machines can be used to move raw materials or finished products between different stages of production or directly into storage or shipping vehicles.

4.     Airports:

For baggage handling, telescopic conveyors can extend right into the aircraft hold, speeding up the process of loading and unloading luggage.

5.     Agriculture:

In the agricultural sector, these pieces of equipment can handle bulk products like grains or fertilisers, transferring them efficiently from storage units to vehicles or processing machinery.

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6.     Freight and Shipping Ports:

At shipping ports, telescopic conveyors facilitate the quick loading and unloading of containers and bulk materials from ships to trucks or storage areas, keeping shipping schedules on track.

7.     Recycling Facilities:

They are also valuable for recycling operations, where the equipment can efficiently move materials through the sorting, processing, and packaging stages, handling a variety of materials with care to prevent contamination.

8.     Construction Sites:

Telescopic conveyors can be employed on construction sites to move building materials over obstacles or through tight spaces directly to where they are needed.

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9.     Food Processing:

In the food industry, specifically in processing plants, telescopic conveyors can move food products between different stages of processing and packaging, ensuring quick and hygienic handling.

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how telescopic systems help

Now that we know the impact of the absence of telescopic systems, it's time to understand exactly how they can increase efficiency and, consequently, company profits.

First, it is necessary to consider the central role of this equipment. Telescopic conveyors can extend directly into the cargo area of a vehicle, allowing for rapid handling and distributing. These systems are adaptable to various types of cargo and containers and can be retracted or extended to fit different spaces and vehicle sizes. This means that the time spent on loading and unloading vehicles is dramatically reduced, increasing the overall throughput of operations and enabling businesses to handle more transactions within the same timeframe.

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By automating much of the loading and unloading process, telescopic conveyors reduce the need for manual labour, lowering personnel costs and minimising the physical strain on workers, leading to fewer injuries and related expenses.

Speaking of medical costs, telescopic belt conveyors provide a more controlled environment for moving goods, reducing the risk of workplace accidents associated with manual handling. Thus, they contribute to maintaining compliance with health and safety regulations.

Furthermore, telescopic conveyors make the handling of goods more precise, reducing the likelihood of damage during loading and unloading. They can be fully integrated into existing warehouse management systems and effortlessly scaled up to meet growing business demands. Additionally, they optimise the use of space in warehouses and shipping areas, enhancing overall operational efficiency. This efficient use of floor area is precious in facilities where space is at a premium.

CEVA AMZ TR 2021 (2) CEVA AMZ TR 2021 (2)

view our range of telescopic systems

Joloda Conveyor Services (JCS) provides a comprehensive range of conveyor systems that are essential for modern logistics and manufacturing operations. Our telescopic roller conveyors are ideal for handling heavy loads and are a valuable tool in shipping and freight environments where durability and reliability are paramount. They can even be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of cargo and vehicles.

We also offer telescopic belt conveyors, perfect for handling boxes, bags, and other packaged goods. Their ability to extend into containers or trucks minimises the need for manual handling, reducing labour costs and enhancing safety.

Joloda Conveyor Services Announces UK Partnership With Lodamaster 03 Joloda Conveyor Services Announces UK Partnership With Lodamaster 03

If your priority is flexibility, you can use our mobile telescopic conveyors. They can be moved to wherever needed within a facility, making them an excellent choice for businesses that require versatile material handling solutions that can be adapted to changing operational needs.

Our team works relentlessly to improve the speed and safety of our clients' loading and unloading processes, helping them reduce turnaround times and increase productivity.

Contact our staff to learn more about how Joloda Conveyor Services can help optimise your logistics operations. Our experts are ready to assist with assessments, quotes, and tailored advice to ensure your business gains the maximum benefit from our conveyor solutions.

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