Today, we are delighted to announce our strategic alliance with Lodamaster, a global provider of conveyor systems and are proud to become the first and only distributor of Lodamaster in the United Kingdom.


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Joloda Conveyor Services Announces UK Partnership With Lodamaster 03 Joloda Conveyor Services Announces UK Partnership With Lodamaster 03

conveyors and integration products

As part of the partnership, we will add Lodamaster’s Telescopic Boom Conveyor and integration products to its offering. It means our customers can now purchase a bespoke conveyor solution from us, in addition to market-leading maintenance and conveyor services.

improved efficiency

Lodamaster’s Telescopic Conveyors improve efficiency when loading loose parcels into vans. For the last mile delivery, logistics businesses can benefit from significant improvements in loading and unloading times in warehouses, compared to traditional technologies. The extendable conveyors consist of a base and extractable booms designed to reach inside vehicles in a safer, quicker, and cost-effective/efficient way.

about Lodamaster

Lodamaster Group was established in 2011 and is a turn-key solution integrator that is operating in Europe and the United Kingdom with offices in Turkey and Poland. 

Lodamaster Group works with leading technology partners all over the world and globally offers technologies including conveyor systems, sorter systems, vehicle (un)loading systems, robotic sorting systems, robotic order induction, and order picking systems for all levels of intralogistics operations. 

Lodamaster defines the full scope of the client’s requirements on-site first and then offers the technology that will fit best around the solution. Lodamaster’s core value is technological independence meaning being unbiased towards any system or product. This feature enables Lodamaster to offer the solution best fits customers’ needs.

In 2022, Lodamaster Group started to be operated in the United Kingdom by partnering with Joloda Conveyor Services. Besides being Lodamaster's distributor in the United Kingdom, Joloda Conveyor Systems undertakes servicing and maintenance of Lodamaster’s Telescopic Boom Conveyor and integration systems installed in The United Kingdom. 

Joloda Conveyor Services Announces UK Partnership With Lodamaster 06 Joloda Conveyor Services Announces UK Partnership With Lodamaster 06

Emre Erdem

a message from Lodamaster's Managing Director

Emre Erdem, Managing Director, Lodamaster, comments: “It is my pleasure to announce that the Telescopic Boom Conveyor is now available via Joloda Conveyor Services for the UK logistics market. We have worked with the Joloda Hydraroll Group for ten years as their Turkish distributor of loading and unloading equipment, and are excited to strengthen our partnership, and further support the logistics market in the United Kingdom.”

Combined with our existing breakdown and maintenance services, the addition of Lodamaster’s Telescopic Boom Conveyor and its integration products will provide customers with the reassurance that they have access to not only the support they need, but now also the latest technology advancements to ensure operational efficiency is achieved.

Review Review

Lee Meakin

a message from our General Manager

Lee Meakin, General Manager, Joloda Conveyor Service, comments: “We are excited to announce our partnership with Lodamaster; adding the Telescopic Boom Conveyor to our product portfolio supports our customers in making the last mile delivery more efficient."

Joloda Conveyor Services Announces UK Partnership With Lodamaster 07 Joloda Conveyor Services Announces UK Partnership With Lodamaster 07

Michele Dematteis

a message from our CEO

Michele Dematteis, CEO of Joloda Hydraroll, concludes “Joloda Conveyor Services is opening the door to ever smarter logistics solutions in the UK market, which can be further supported with our maintenance services. We believe this partnership will streamline and enhance conveyor operations, providing the best quality equipment underpinned by our excellent customer service and support.”

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