We are thrilled to announce a significant expansion on our website, introducing a brand-new section titled Systems. This enhancement aims to provide visitors with comprehensive insights into our innovative conveyors designed and produced by Lodamaster.

The Systems section has been designed to offer a deeper understanding of our cutting-edge conveyor technologies and solutions catering to diverse industries. From telescopic conveyors to state-of-the-art Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and more, we aim to showcase the breadth and depth of our offerings.


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Explore our diverse array of cutting-edge equipment designed to revolutionise your material handling and logistics operations. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you on our website and how this information can significantly benefit your business.

telescopic conveyor systems

Within our comprehensive suite of telescopic conveyor systems, you'll find a range of specialised solutions, each crafted to optimise your material handling operations.

Belted Telescopic Conveyor Belted Telescopic Conveyor

Belted Telescopic Conveyors

Belted telescopic conveyors, a cornerstone of our offerings, offer exceptional versatility and precision. These machines use a durable belt mechanism to smoothly transport goods of various sizes and weights. Industries such as e-commerce, distribution centres, and manufacturing benefit from their adaptability.

Roller Telescopic Conveyor Roller Telescopic Conveyor

Roller Telescopic Conveyors

Roller telescopic conveyors, another pillar of our solutions, utilise a series of rollers for seamless movement and handling of goods. Their design allows for efficient transport of small and large items, making them ideal for parcel handling, airports, and warehousing applications. The robustness and scalability of our equipment empower your operations with smoother material flow and quicker processing, ultimately resulting in higher productivity and cost savings.

advanced conveyor systems

Navigate through a comprehensive range of conveyor systems meticulously crafted to cater to specific industry requirements. Understanding the capabilities and features of our conveyors equips you with the knowledge needed to choose the perfect solution for your unique needs. Enhanced conveyance efficiency translates to smoother operations, increased throughput, and improved profitability. Our range includes:

Belt Conveyor 2 Belt Conveyor 2

Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors, a fundamental component of modern material handling, stand as a testament to seamless, efficient transport in numerous industries. Our website presents a detailed analysis of belt conveyors, highlighting their significance, benefits, and diverse applications.

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Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors epitomise efficiency in motion, employing a series of free-spinning rollers to transport items effortlessly. These conveyors are designed to handle diverse goods, fostering quicker, seamless movement in various industries.

20181218123404256 20181218123404256

Flex conveyors

Flex conveyors, known for their exceptional adaptability, provide a versatile approach to material handling. They can be expanded, contracted, and bent, offering dynamic solutions for changing layouts and requirements.

20210707105532256 20210707105532256

Curve conveyors

Curve conveyors are engineering marvels, seamlessly guiding material flow around corners and bends. These devices ensure smooth transitions, maintaining the integrity of your goods.

20210707110309256 20210707110309256

Spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors revolutionise material transportation in vertical spaces, offering a compact, continuous flow. The spiral design allows smooth movement between different levels, saving valuable floor space.

20181218122413256 20181218122413256

Vertical conveyors

Vertical conveyors are the pinnacle of efficient vertical movement. These pieces of equipment optimise space utilisation by transporting materials between different levels.

sorter systems

Discover our advanced sorter systems designed to automate the sorting process, providing accurate and swift distribution of goods. By learning the details of our sorter systems, you unlock the potential for faster order fulfilment, reduced errors, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Streamlined sorting operations contribute to a well-organised supply chain and strengthen customer relationships. We offer the following products:


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Crossbelt sorters

Crossbelt sorters exemplify precision in sorting operations, efficiently handling various products. These devices use a crossbelt mechanism to sort and divert items with accuracy.

20181225164754256 20181225164754256

Shoe sorters

Shoe sorters are at the forefront of separation technology, rapidly and accurately sorting products based on size, weight, or destination. These machines use a series of shoes to gently guide products to the appropriate chute.

202107071647098945 202107071647098945

split tray sorters

Split tray sorters are meticulously designed to cater to specific processing requirements, efficiently handling a wide range of products. They employ split trays that divert items to designated destinations.

202107071701379110 202107071701379110

Slide tray sorters

Slide tray sorters deliver precision and efficiency in grouping, employing a dynamic sliding mechanism to swiftly and accurately direct products to their destinations.

202107071709569121 202107071709569121

Roll-on sorters

The roll-on sorter uses a unique rolling mechanism to swiftly and accurately classify a diverse range of goods. This technology streamlines the entire process, ensuring precise distribution with minimal time lag.


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Switch/divert sorters

Switch/divert Sorters are engineered for precision classification and seamless diversion of items to designated destinations. These tools employ intelligent mechanisms to efficiently switch and direct products along different routes.

20210707175442256 20210707175442256

Narrow belter sorters

Narrow belter sorters combine precision with space efficiency, making them ideal for compact sorting operations. They utilise narrow belts to transport and accurately sort various items.

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LR sorters

LR sorters, synonymous with Line Routing sorters, are engineered to optimise the flow and enhance the efficiency of operations. These mechanisms intelligently route items along specific lines, streamlining the process and improving overall productivity.

order consolidation systems

Navigate through our order consolidation systems that facilitate seamless merging and dispatch of multiple orders. By grasping the functionalities and benefits of these systems, you empower your business to expedite the fulfilment process, leading to quicker deliveries and heightened customer delight. Below is a list of tools we provide:

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Autonomous mobile robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) represent a paradigm shift in material handling and logistics. These robots are equipped with intelligence, navigation capabilities, and the ability to operate autonomously.

2021071317391728558 2021071317391728558

Mini sorting robots

These diminutive yet powerful mini sorting robots use advanced algorithms to sort a wide range of items swiftly and accurately.

202107081135509329 202107081135509329

pick/put light systems

Pick/put light systems reinvented order fulfilment and inventory management, providing visual cues to guide operators in picking and placing tasks. They enhance accuracy, speed, and efficiency by directing actions with illuminated signals.

In addition to our core offerings, we provide a spectrum of supplementary options to customise your conveyor. These tailored solutions encompass automated controls, height adjustability, specialised belts, and adaptable configurations to meet specific industry demands. Whether integrating cutting-edge automation or fine-tuning the system for unique material characteristics, these additional options ensure your machines align precisely with your operational goals.

Understanding each variant's unique benefits and applications allows you to make strategic decisions in enhancing your logistics operations. Our commitment is to empower you with this knowledge, enabling your business to implement solutions that drive operational efficiency, improve material handling, and ultimately contribute to your success.

Access the dedicated page, explore the full spectrum of our telescopic conveyor systems, and gain valuable insights into how Joloda Conveyor Services can elevate your material handling processes.

Joloda Conveyro Service 01 Joloda Conveyro Service 01

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