Joloda Conveyor Services offers several optional features for the telescopic conveyor, including:

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Tilting Front End Tilting Front End

tilting front end

Adding a tilting front-end option involves attaching a distinct conveyor to the front boom, which can move up and down to facilitate loading and unloading from high or low positions within a vehicle. This feature simplifies placing packages onto the conveyor, reducing the strain on operators.

Driven Wheels Driven Wheels

driven wheels

This option allows the telescopic conveyor to move horizontally and be positioned between docks as needed. It enables operators to relocate the conveyor to the appropriate area quickly. With fully motorised wheels, the machine can be moved by the operator with a simple button, and immobilisation equipment located at the front of the machine ensures safe use by preventing displacement.

Front LED Light Front LED Light

front led light

The front LED light option is a valuable addition to the telescopic conveyor system, providing enhanced visibility for operators working in low-light conditions. Placed on the forepart of the front boom, the piece of equipment makes it easier for operators to see the materials being loaded and unloaded. This option is particularly useful for businesses that operate during the night or in poorly lit areas, ensuring that operations can continue safely and efficiently regardless of the lighting conditions.

Hydraulic Tilt Hydraulic Tilt

hydraulic tilt

It allows the conveyor to tilt to either side, providing greater flexibility in loading and unloading operations. This feature is handy when working on uneven surfaces, where the conveyor needs to be adjusted to match the angle of the ground. With hydraulic tilt, operators can easily adjust the inclination of the conveyor using controls located on the machine. It reduces the risk of material spillage and damage to packages during loading and unloading.

Operator Platform Operator Platform

operator platform

An operator platform provides a safe and stable surface for operators to stand on while loading or unloading materials. The platform is usually attached to the side of the conveyor and can be adjusted to different heights to match the elevation of the loading dock or container. With an operator platform, operators can work more comfortably and have a better view of the materials being handled. This option can greatly enhance the safety and efficiency of material handling operations, mainly when dealing with heavy or bulky materials.

Raised Belt Raised Belt

raised belt

The raised belt option is a great addition to the telescopic conveyor system, especially for businesses that handle packages of different sizes and weights. This option comes with a transfer belt on the base section, which enables the smooth transfer of goods to a declining or inclining conveyor on top of the base. It alleviates the need for manual handling and reduces the risk of items being damaged during transfer.

Side Pan Handrail Side Pan Handrail

side/pan handrail

These sturdy handrails are strategically located on both sides of the conveyor and provide additional support to operators, reducing the risk of accidents. Made from high-quality materials that can withstand even the harshest working environments, these barriers are designed to last.

Moreover, the side/pan handrail option is adjustable, allowing operators to customise the bars to their specific needs and working environment.

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At Joloda Conveyor Services we're proud to offer the UK's leading complete conveyor belt service support solution, to keep your operations running smoothly. 

Our services include a 27/7 365 days a year conveyor breakdown and repair package where our team of highly skilled specialised engineers will arrive in a fully-stocked van of spare parts to repair your conveyor and minimise operation downtime.

Our pre-planned maintenance package is essential for companies looking to ensure maximum uptime for their operations by making sure faults are found and corrected at the soonest possible time. 

Lastly, our conveyor asset management service is a bespoke solution built around the specific needs of your business. This includes regular updates and a quarterly meeting with your account manager to discuss ways we can further optimise your business' operations. 

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